[Forza] Forza Soccer Fail

Playing Forza 4, Soccer mode. Great fun.

Unless your team mates all bail on you a minute into the match. Which means 4 against you on your own for 9 minutes is a FUCKING PAIN IN THE ARSE.

There are about 2 minutes left to go, and I am losing about 9-2. I'm not prepared to quit, so I may as well go out there and mash people up.

Or I would, if I was using something bigger than a Fiesta against a team of Range Rovers. Seriously, it's meant to be football. Not rugby.

And as I type with a minute to go, it's 10-2. There's a lot of loading times between goals and the game resetting.

Final score is 11-3. I got hammered big time. Pinned in the corner while the opposition plays to their strengths... ah well, maybe the next match is better. And maybe my team mates won't bail on me. Maybe they won't hit me if I have a clear shot on goal, just so they can grab the glory.


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