[Misc.] Mighty Beginnings

A bit of tinkering later and I've now got a blog layout that I'm reasonably happy with. I can't be arsed to mess about with a custom background just yet, that can wait for now.

So greetings and welcome to this new blog. If you're reading this, chances are you have followed a link from one of the many places I frequent on the internet or are a random blog reader. If you're here because you know me, awesome! If you're here randomly, stick around! Maybe.

Wipeout 2097, once how to drive/fly was cracked, played like a dream!
The point of this blog is mostly to give me some sort of literary output, and was quite inspired by my Eve Online blog. The link will, naturally, take you there. It's basically my perspective on New Eden over the course of my three years playing, but is too specific a blog to try and change it to a more general gaming perspective. Hence, a new blog using my more normal online alias(Master of Darkness) and a clear focus from the get-go.

If you read the test post earlier(highly unlikely) then you'll know already that I'm a fan of Forza, Team Fortress 2, and Minecraft. I game on the PC primarily with the 360 as a solid secondary choice. The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted the favicon is a Companion Cube and my profile picture is a strange black and grey hedgehog - Portal and Sonic respectively.

And it's with Sonic that I can proudly trace my roots back through time to 1992 and when I first got a Mega Drive for Christmas, complete with Sonic and Sonic 2. From there it became Street Fighter 2 and Road Rash 2, and... well, that's a story for another entry ;)

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