[Sonic] A post about a hedgehog? No way :P

Check this out, if you live in the UK and are a bit of a fan of the blue blur, Sonic.

Read, look at the pictures, then have a heart attack when you realise it's going to be released for just under £100. Now £50 I can understand, but triple figures for a special edition of a game? That just screams "CASHING IN ON THE HEDGEHOG'S POPULARITY AT A CRUCIAL MOMENT IN HIS CONSOLE LIFE" because Sega knows many idiots out there will fork out the cash for it.

Idiots including me. It'll go brilliantly with my 10th birthday Sonic Adventure 2 pack....

Edit: I have now added my gamer tags to the blog, just to the left of where you're reading now. If you feel like adding me to XBL or Steam go for it, and if I get/remember any other tags I'll add them too.

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