[MC] The Sad Story Of =JH=

Once upon a time, MoD was a happy bunny on his personal Minecraft server, that he'd set up for members of Sonic Blast. However the ports kept on closing even when being told to stay open, so he decided to close it and join another server.

MoD found another server, called Lodainn. It looked like fun! It looked like he could build some special stuff! There was light RP and a good economy! It was good! For a good 5 or 6 months... Until 1.8 came out and the guys in charge decided to change everything up. Before now, it wasn't broken. Instead they chose to be strict with rules, and changed the focus to more of a RP server and you'd need permission to take a single block of dirt from a hill that's over 200 blocks from anybody. Grr. MoD did not like the idea of his sandbox not being a sandbox, so he hunted around for another server.

At this point, a RL friend directed me towards =JH= Gaming's server. It looked like fun. Free residential protection, no need to ask permission to build things... just a request not to grief and to have fun. Oh, and not bug the staff for TP's everywhere or to have items spawned.
Fine by me, there seemed to be a lack of organisation with regards to where homes and stuff were being built. I settled on somewhere about 800 blocks away from the spawn, and built the usual mud hut for my first night. Upon daytime, I got rid of the spiders and looked around my new home; it seemed I was in a swamp biome. Cool! So I changed my hut so it was made of wood and covered in vines, and over the next two weeks this would become the main entry point for my mining system, be it dirt cobble or anything other than wood, this little shack would be Home1.

Home2 would be my main project - a floating island pretty close to the maximum height of the server. At first it was a simple wooden shack on a flat piece of dirt, but over time the island got a cobble base to look like this island had been ripped out of the ocean it was floating above. The island extended outwards, gaining a forest and a beach. It was about 100 blocks from end to end, and I had plans to make a network of these islands.
I had a small problem with grass, that being it doesn't just randomly grow without other grass nearby. So what I had to do was make a dirt staircase from the ground level hut all the way up to the island.
It took 2 whole weeks of real time to get that fucking grass to spawn all the way up there - logging on before going to work, leaving the game logged on in the evenings while playing Forza... Once it was finally on the island, I destroyed the stairway and within about 5 hours the upper surfaces were all covered in a lush green pelt that added a certain aesthetic quality.

The expansion continued. The beach gained a shore and palm trees. The forest began to evolve into a mountain. Animals started to randomly appear. Life on the first of the floating islands was getting good.
At this point, I'd been playing for about 3 weeks solid - all my time focused on building this island, which was very material intensive.

Suddenly, the server went offline. My RL friend told me in a RL meet-up what had happened, and I must preserve his confidentiality - but what I hope I can say is I had lost the island due to a "technical error" (can't go into the details) as well as anybody else who'd built something.

That was last week. Today, we got this message:
=JH= has recently run into some money issues. This basically means we can't fund the server anymore. If you would like the server to keep running you are more than welcome to donate, otherwise I'm sorry but the server has to be shutdown. Sorry guys - Afro
Well that sucks. If anybody from =JH= reads this then I'm sorry the server went down, I quite enjoyed it and was just getting to know people... Be nice to know how to donate money - I'd ask on the forums but they're kinda shunted into maintenance mode :P

I shall keep an eye on developments there, but once more it looks like I'm on the prowl for a new home.