[Sonic] Gonna Have To Wait Another Generation

Sonic Generations came out very recently, and I've been biding my time, patiently waiting for the limited edition that is coming out soon(tm).

Imagine my surprise and sheer frustration to learn that Amazon emailed me at 6am this morning - a fucking SUNDAY - to let me know. By the time I'd woken up and read my mail, they'd ALL FUCKING SOLD OUT.

Normally I would be the first to tell people to chill the fuck out over a game, but Sonic games are a different beast. Everyone has their one secret passion that they collect the crap out of, be it music and DVDs, football merchandise for their team, whatever. And mine's the blue blur. I was extremely fortunate to get the 10th birthday limited edition when it came out for those two days, and once I found out there would be one for the 20th I wooped a little. The wooping made my girlfriend lol a bit.

So, Sunday. European release, on a european website - but I think Amazon were working to .com times and not .co.uk - 6 FUCKING A.M. ON A SUNDAY WTF.

Well fucking done, Amazon. *slow claps*

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