[MC] Taking Matters Into My Own /op Hands

First there was Lodainn, a happy home for about 6 months until it went completely to shit and people lost sight of the fun to be had with Minecraft.

After that was =JH= Gaming which was exactly what I was looking for on a server.. and then it went down about 2 days after I'd finally gotten grass to grow on my stupid fucking Floating Island(it only took 2 weeks...).

The next step was originally going to be the main focal point of this entry, namely Immaterial Gamers. A couple of the guys who ran =JH= saw its downfall coming and prepared a new server. At first, it was good. Very good. The ability to switch between Creative and Survival mode, jobs, creating your own residential areas for protection, and much more.
Finally, I thought, I'd found Home. The only thing I thought was missing was a dynamic map, which wasn't such a bad thing in the end.

So I began to build my floating islands once more, inspired by The Lands Of The Sky from the Sonic OVA. I made a smaller island first to act as a hub, made a long-ish bridge and then got working on Sandopolis Island. This ended up being even bigger than the one I'd made on JH, but was much quicker to build as I had the ability to create stack after stack of cobble and sandstone, and had finally gotten the fly mod working!
(FYI, mods don't work in the browser, it's client only. It took me about 2 fucking months to find that little bit of information out, why isn't it more widely known?!? And the only reason I didn't use the client was because it was unstable as hell..)

So, Sandopolis built. Two pyramids also created, and some ancient Egyptian-ish structures built nearby. I was bored of sand so put Sandopolis on the back-burner and came up with a new idea for an island... a Death Egg crashed on a Launch Base.
I looked around for how to create a sphere easily in Minecraft, and found Plotz - a very handy flash-based tool. A bit of fiddling and playing around, and I settled on a 41 layered sphere. I made it 5 blocks under the sky's limits thus in theory giving me enough space underneath to build a crude island for it to have crashed into.
I began work at about 5 in the afternoon, stopped for fun and food for an hour or so, but in the end it took me about 8 hours in total to get made. A quick flight back to the hub confirmed it looked sexy as fuck, so I went back over and placed some stone on one side to roughly establish where the external features would go. It sported a large-ish nose, a pair of blocks for where the eyes would recess, and a very crude moustache.
Satisfied that my day's work was awesome, my girlfriend spotted a Pikachu sprite-tribute in the background and suggested building a pokeball by it.
But that was enough for one night. Once I'd finished the Death Egg, I mused, I would definitely make that ball and give the Pikachu owner a major heart attack. For now at least, bed.

Aaaaaand guess what. One of the admins thought it'd be cool to move the server from its current host to his laptop! Smart cookie is smart.
The old server went offline. The new one... well, we'll have to wait and see what happens once Craftbukkit updates but I'm not going to hold my breath.
But once more, I worked my ass off on building cool stuff and the plug was pulled the fucking second it was complete... as this is completely out of my control, I decided enough was enough and I'd do something about it.

I am now renting my own fucking server. If I make a Floating Island and a Death Egg and it goes walkies the second I finish the bulk of the work(as in everything apart from detailing) I will probably give up on Minecraft as it's really pissing me off. But this is the best way I can at least prevent stuff like that from happening.

A week or two preparing the server(waiting for bukkit to update, building a spawn area, etc) and I'll be ready to open to the public. And I will guarantee all I'll be doing is helping idiots who can't talk English properly and want to cheat their way around the Survival aspect. "DAY PLZ" and "can i has daimond pick pls" will soon be the order of my day.

However, it'll be worth it. Because my fucking Death Egg and Floating Island will finally have a home that won't run off from them.

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