[MC] From the Ashes Of Ethea

Once more my plan on writing up about Eve Online has been put on the back burner.
It seems that over the last three months since beginning this blog, my Minecraft entries have been the most popular, in particular the one detailing your first day on Minecraft. If you need a few minutes to read it then go ahead, we'll still be here when you return.

Regular readers will be aware of my private-ish Minecraft server, with the working title of Ethea. Well after asking around it seems that nobody really liked calling a server Ethea, so it went back to its original name - MoD's World.

Just in case you couldn't tell this is a Minecraft related world, a picture of the current Borealis built site is super-imposed onto the words behind. Shocking, I know.
Why call it that? Well firstly apparently it's cooler than just Ethea. Secondly so there is no doubt in anybody's mind that it's MY server and I'm in charge. Finally, it just kinda works. I didn't want to go with it as I felt it was a bit arrogant to name a server after myself, but it does sound pretty good compared to some servers out there.

You've already seen Haven and the Death Egg, along with its crash site. I opened the server up to the guys at sonicblast.org and my lil brother, and people haven't really done much other than exploration.
Hope has been developed into the biggest major city on the map, admittedly using WorldEdit to copy a number of NPC villages and plant them into the city. It's so large that the city is split into Upper and Lower Hope, Upper being the working half and Lower being the residential side. I then edited the villages to match the scratch-built structures I'd made and left it at that for now, as there's a new port to be build called Borealis, right on the southern edge of the continent.

The players on MoD's World have taken the idea of national identities and created the Umbran Empire, so far consisting of every single NPC village discovered so far and numbering about 10 settlements in total. I'm led to believe the lord of those lands is going to work on some sort of infrastructure to connect the whole lot up somehow, but I'm not overly convinced that it'll happen. Everyone's just having a lot of fun exploring and seeing what weird and wonderful structures were created upon the map's generation. Thus far, most of the playerbase is a part of Umbra(apparently Ethea's a creation by the admins and thus they're the opposition to the establishment) and I'm led to believe people are enjoying themselves.

School kicks back in at some point unfortunately so the server will get quieter in the very near future... or maybe not. You know how you always think you'll be too busy but then end up with more free time than you had? That's more than likely what'll happen.

Short but sweet this one, I just wanted to update everyone on the server. Once everything is sorted, bugs ironed out and everything then I'll open it up to the public and we'll see how it goes then.
And roll on next entry as I'll finally be covering Eve Online.

Waaaaait, I won't be. Just downloaded Trackmania Nations Forever from Steam, that deserves some sort of mention...

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