[Eve] The awaited Eve entry!

After a month out of action, I guess you could say I'm back. After a long while I finally got my computer fixed and it's better than ever, but then my monitor went and had an epileptic fit while me and Mirtai were watching New Girl on 4oD. A week later and a new monitor was couriered my way, and I've spend the last week just catching up on my various online communities.

Sonic Blast, nothing much going on there.
My Minecraft server - that's a subject for another day but let's just say I'm not paying Daddycheese any more money for a server that's almost always broken.
TF2 - I've dropped from #56 to #112 on my server, something that Heavy and me will have to rectify.
DevART still blows. It's DevART. The people are cool, but you know what I mean if you're reading this from my journal post there...
Lodainn is back on the cards, I've missed the place and frankly it's deserving of a more complimentary blog entry than I might have left in the past.

And so after all that was done, I fired up Eve. Which now multi-boxes(something CCP don't have an issue with) on high graphics on at least 2 clients. I wasn't prepared to reactivate the 3rd just to find out if it could do that too...

Eve Online is probably the game I've invested most time in over the last three and a half years. Rising from a mere noob, I dabbled in just about all aspects of the game. About 6 months back I was suffering major burnout(not for the first time) as I was trying to run an alliance and didn't have the trust in anybody to delegate roles, and when I did those individuals went MIA meaning I had to pick up the slack. It became a second job.
It seems to be a bit of a theme in this particular entry, but the specifics of why I love Eve Online will have to wait for another entry. Yep, that means this isn't my long-awaited Eve blog either. Instead I wish to waffle on what's happened to get me back into Eve with fresh batteries.

Firstly, it turns out a small group of RL friends were playing and didn't bother to tell me. I found out upon reactivation and quickly formed an alliance with them, reforming my old alliance the Ironworks Coalition. I'm in The Browncoats of Persephone and they're in the Unicorn Faction. I somehow ended up in charge as I paid for the alliance, but only so far as alliance matters are concerned. They can do what they want with their corporation :D
Anyways, it turns out that playing Eve with RL friends has completely revolutionized the way I play the game. Instead of logging on now and finding out nobody is on, a simple nudge with a text message or a phone call will quickly get people together for a roam. Which we have done with reasonable success - our noob fleet took on a veteran player and we nearly took him down. You can see the footage of that here. Killed a ship, lost a ship, but all had fun which was the important part I feel. I'm having fun with Eve again. And it's mostly thanks to having RL friends in it.
I have to give Eve credit though, if it wasn't for Eve I wouldn't have met people like Szee who I still game with now. Eve is a great community to be messing about with, if you're patient enough to get your character into a position where you can do more than piss on a fire hydrant. It's just breaking into that community that's hard.

And so onto the most recent piece of Eve news. I made Szee a bet that he couldn't get to my old 0.0 home out in deep player-owned space, take a screenshot of it with some crude words slapped into the local channel.
Well he only went and succeeded, and posted the results on Facebook. Which you can see by clicking here. He did this about 30 minutes after I gave him the challenge; it turns out he has friends living out there who had no issue with him popping over. I am now 1bil ISK out of pocket as I owe him a nice carrier. And if I don't pay up within 30 days I owe him Battlestar Hades, the absolute pride of my fleet.

Don't worry if most of that went over your head, I'll probably be covering Eve a lot more from now on. But long story short I owe a friend a nice big fuck-off ship and if I don't pay up I owe him my personal favourite ship that I've had for over a year and a half.
No pressure.

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