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So the dust has settled from my last Eve related entry, which was labelled by some "a waste of 2 minutes of my fucking life that I'll never get back, kill yourself" the vast majority of readers seemed to agree with my thought process and hopefully that particular subject is now done and dusted, rarely to be touched upon again. Eve will never be the same again.

And move on we shall, to a lighter note. That of "you shot me so I'll get you back".

I mentioned that I now play Eve with real-life friends. It's frustrating in a sense as there aren't many of us and there is little inclination to recruit outsiders, meaning we lack some solid numbers for a proper fleet fight(something I'd love to have to develop as an FC) but when we do do something, it's much better as we have a certain level of banter that is usually missing with Eve. With other groups, you just try to have a laugh and get along with some people you're not too sure of. For me, that stage is gone and when it's all over we can go to the pub and celebrate our wins or drown our sorrows, with high fives and hugs.

One such occasion was our last roam. As mentioned in a previous entry, the part of Eve that appeals to me is consequence-filled PVP. If you lose a fight, you lose your ship. It's partly a sense of more realism(you get blown up for real, you don't suddenly respawn with a new one do you?) and it heightens the senses so much more knowing you spent a few hours making the money for that ship and it could get blown up any moment.
During this roam, it was just me and one other - another friend was on his way home and would be with us soon, so we had some time to kill. We decided to hit Tama, one of the most notorious pirate systems in the entire game. It ranks up there alongside Rancer, Amamake, Old Man Star, amongst others. I lost a ship, and when our mate turned up he lost a ship too. We didn't kill anything.

So me and Drake reship, while Riz and another of my characters head over to another, quieter cluster to see what we can find. Before long we see a bigger class of ship than ours, and convince ourselves we can take him down. Amusingly, we manage to do so easily - mostly owing to a complete lack of anything resembling damage-soaking modules on his ship - and destroyed his escape capsule, meaning his fleshyness died too. I also recorded the fight which I look forward to reviewing soon enough. We found another ship and lost two more ships to it, but were quite happy with the big ship we'd managed to kill.

Next day and we notice Riz has been such a naughty boy it's now possible to place a bounty on his head - a game mechanic which supposedly encourages people to put more effort into killing the guy with the bounty, but is mostly useless other than to brag about how much ISK is on one's head. We notice this as he has 10mil on it - not a lot in Eve terms, but enough for Riz to get a corpmate to kill him and split the bounty. I'd put some more bounty on his head too, partly for the lulz and partly as it would help compensate Riz and his "killer" for their parts in the previous night's roam. Total, about 20mil.

Today, I get a text off Riz once I finish work and begin playing some old games:
"Have u been giving Me more bounty? Its rather high atm"
Curiously, I shut off Gens+ and logged onto Eve. I was planning on writing an entry about emulators, or perhaps the history of the sandbox game - at this point I was undecided but figured what the hell, I'll log on and check it out.
The first thing I did was look at Riz's profile.

Riz's profile. The bounty is at the bottom.
The second thing I did was laugh.
Riz and me had annoyed this guy so much he placed an even bigger bounty on the "poor" head of Riz. So you know what Riz did? He got Drake to kill him again and split the bounty once more. Riz then opened his mailbox and sent him the following message:
From: rizolver Tzestu
Sent: 2012.04.16 22:06
To: Monroe Godbey, 

i asume its you wasting you isk putting bounty's on my head well me and my friend (who's in my corp) would like to thank you for the isk you've donated to our cause over the last few days and i look forward to the next time u want to waste you isk :P btw i made more tonight by letting my friend kill me than i would do in a week of missions. thanks again
Now I'll wager some of you are sitting there, thinking "well the guy's got a right to be aggrieved. You killed him."
 In Eve, there are various areas of space with differing codes of etiquette, shall we say. High security is patrolled by NPC police who attack you the second you even think about being naughty. The next band down is low security, where some rules apply but the NPC police are removed. The final one is null security, where the players make the rules. Generally it's accepted that you're reasonably safe in high sec, but go into low sec or null and you need to be prepared for combat or moving very quickly. We reasoned that seeing as how the guy was in low sec, he was prepared to fight. That particular band is very poor for making money so it's generally left as a waste land for pirates and people like us looking for the odd fight. He came to us and opened fire, and we shot back. Morally speaking, I'm happy as from doing our homework the guy used to live in null sec, so should be better prepared for ship losses.

Which is why we found his attempts to place a bounty on the head of Riz quite amusing to say the least. The ship he lost was worth about the amount of total bounties placed on his head so far, and we're wondering how much more will be placed there...

Edit: the guy involved sent a reply to Riz:
Re: thanks
From: Monroe Godbey
Sent: 2012.04.16 23:05
To: rizolver Tzestu, 

Well friend glad i could help, if your able to catch me of gaurd you earnd it. 
All's well that ends well. Nice to see he plays the game as intended :)

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