[Eve] Totally Meant For That To Happen

Over at my older, more specific Eve blog, I made a few posts detailing my search for a future direction while playing Eve. This post in particular explains my history within New Eden in a short burst of info and what I planned for the future.
Go ahead and read the last couple, bring yourself up to speed about how boredom and stagnation has affected me over the last twelve months.

Fast forwarding now to current times, I found out fairly recently that a few of my RL friends were playing Eve. Were they keeping it quiet from me, the local Eve-tard? Nah, turns out they'd all decided pretty much to start new accounts and asked me for advice. I helped them set themselves up, and offered them a place in the resurrected Ironworks Coalition.
For a while this was my newfound direction, as helping RL friends learn how to play has been bloody great fun. If they don't get how to set up an overview, a simple trip over to their house later fixed this. And if we all went out on pew-pew, we could always go down the pub afterwards to either celebrate or drown our sorrows(so far it's only really been drowning of sorrows, and I've lost a small fortune in ships in the last month or so).

History it seems has a way of repeating itself.

People began going inactive - Eve is a demanding game on your time, and many of the guys are only logging in now to set skills. To date there are now only 5 characters that log on on a regular basis, and three are mine. RL has been very hectic for most of our small group. I've suggested we go recruiting but I have to teach their acting CEO how to do so, and I'd also need to do some myself for my own corporation. It is a route that doesn't quite appeal to me, and a stupid situation at work within the last 24 hours means my time is now getting ever-more limited too. I've put Aurora into RVB but even then, while the PVP is pretty good I'm still struggling to find the time to commit to it that RVB deserves(for non-Eve readers, Red Vs Blue are two corporations locks into eternal war purely in the name of cheap and easy PVP with few rules of engagement. It's cheap, it's fun and there's plenty of PEWPEW!) and so I began once more turning my eye elsewhere for a future direction in the game, possibly even back to 0.0 space.

Now the scene is set, it's time to get to the main point of today's blog.
It's been well documented that Goonswarm are going to lock down Jita for a month once their leader is unbanned from his actions(I covered what happened there in a previous entry), the specifics of which can be found here. A number of people are joining the ever-growing call to stand up to these guys, and I can't help but think that some people are just way too bored in the game and have been waiting for something like this to happen for a long time. No shit, right?
I just so happen to be one of these bored players so I bought myself a Tornado, fitted it out with T2 1400s and RF ammo, and went to Jita. The aim was simply to practice target locking pods(if I could pod a few Goons during the Jita Burning campaign then I would) and also try and kill a few -5 and below guys who undocked in shuttles and the like.

(Short part here for the non-Eve player again. Space is divided up into 3 parts: high security(or high sec), low sec, and null sec. Each player has personal security status too: -2 and you begin being locked out of certain high sec systems. -5 and lower you can't go anywhere in high sec without the NPC authorities wanting a ward with their guns... To increase your sec status you kill NPC bad guys, and it takes forever. To lower it, you either aggress someone, kill their ship or destroy their escape pod - each with ever-increasing penalties of security status. And if you do this in high sec without legal shooting rights on your target, the NPCs(in the form of CONCORD) come and kill your current ship as penalty. Now that's done, onwards once again.)

About two hours of this and I began to get rather bored. And I mean, bored to the point where I was tempted to mash my F1 key and open fire on an innocent civilian ship that was within range. The Tornado is recognised as the best ganking ship in the game, and Jita is a quite high sec'd part of space so CONCORD would be on my ass after only one shot. If I was going to shoot someone I'd have to pick carefully, and without an alt scanning ships down for me I'd have to just bide my time.
Before long, a pod came along so I targeted it(took about 2 seconds) and looked him up real quick. He was a 2005 player and autopiloting. Almost everybody knows that you simply do not engage autopilot, and an '05 player should have known this. Rather than manually jumping to zero he'd engaged a built-in macro within Eve that jumps you to within 15km of your next stargate/station and moved you towards it before activating the gate or docking. I had a lot of time to contemplate pressing F1 to fire all eight 1400's upon his small tiny pod. A Tornado in gank fit could pump out 12000 damage with its single shot, and here I was contemplating hitting something that only had 430. And there was the chance that his pod was pretty worthless...

Temptation won. And CONCORD duly came along and relieved me of my Tornado.

I sat there in space for a moment, on a small buzz from that. That'd teach the guy to autopilot with expensive implants installed. And then it hit me - I had a LG Slave set in, much more expensive than the set installed within the '05 guy's head. I had to GTFO. And I was flagged to CONCORD for 15 minutes - they wouldn't attack my pod but if I undocked in any ship in that time it'd be forfeit too. I bounced off a planet and began running for my high sec base of operations. It was about fifteen jumps away so the travel would remove most of that 15 minute timer on my head.

Upon reaching my destination, I checked my situation. I'd taken a massive hit - a nosedive from 1.2 sec status to -3.33. I was barred from entering a decent chunk of high sec, and if I dared enter I'd have to move about pretty quickly. Running missions to repair that was out of question now. So I had a look in my inventory and found an Interceptor... that'd do, I thought.

Once the criminal timer wore off I undocked in the inty and moved towards a region in space known as Providence. My plan was to hit NPCs hard, and move quickly from system to system to repair that status.

It's back up to -3.1. Looks like in the short term at least, my boredom has subsided. Oh, and I lost that first interceptor already to a surprisingly well setup trap.

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