[Eve] Looking Back

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It's been nearly 2 months to the day since I wrote about Eve's latest big story, that of prominent player The Mittani encouraging people to find another player and get him to commit suicide. Which means that as I was a little slow in getting my thoughts out, it's now over two whole months since it all happened.

Two whole months since The Mittani caused possibly the single most controversial act by a player within the Eve Online universe. Two months of waiting for him to wreck everybody's game as he promised.

Now let's stop there for a moment and ask ourselves about what The Mittani - leader of Goonswarm and the larger CFC - has actually done to fuck us the player base over.

1. Burn Jita - didn't go quite as most people were expecting, myself included. Lots of freighters burned, and the so-called "Save Jita" campaign was as spectacularly successful as John Carter. It ended up just waiting for Tornados and Thrashers to go GCC before locking up and whoring onto KM's. I was there and I did this too. Not even going to pretend that I was saving Jita; I was there to watch the fires and get cheap kills.
There were plenty.
The two biggest highights were the Nyx that somehow ended up in Jita thanks to a GM's reimbursement gone slightly wrong, and seeing Mittani log on.
I wish to elaborate a little on him logging on. You see, I'm not a fan of the guy. Never spoken to him, but thanks to his position as a political leader he's put enough of him out there for people to at least get a basic idea of what he's like. And he rubs me up the wrong way. Factor in the previous blog I wrote on him and you'll understand that I really can't be arsed to like him. But I added him to Aurora's address book just for this event, to see if the big leader with the big balls actually had the fucking balls to show up in Jita with his mindless sheep-like minions.

Green icon popped up on the bottom right of the screen, local went wild for five minutes solid with HAIL MITTENS. The only sensation I can possibly compare this to is waiting for your favourite band to come on stage and being right at the front in the mosh pit, and when they do you somehow get caught up in the euphoria and atmosphere. Now imagine that, but in text form.
The guy's doing something right with his coalition, to command that level of respect. There's no two ways about that fact. People love him, and the adulation for him during that brief period of the Mittani being online was awe-inspiring.

Getting back on track however, Jita didn't so much burn as had an open bonfire with everybody invited, and picking on the poor kid who didn't bring marshmallows. Tornado and Thrasher prices spiked along with certain RF ammo and T2 gyros, the only losers being the idiots who didn't heed the warnings and STILL went to Jita in a freighter loaded with crap on autopilot.

2. Hulkageddon V - Goonies are sponsoring the event which as far as I'm aware is still ongoing. Many Hulks are burning and everyone's having a good time. I haven't bothered with Hulkageddon as I've been busy with work and trying to get Aurora sorted out in 0.0 but from all accounts nobody's really suffering. Ship losses are more or less covered by the 100mil payout(if you fly around in groups of Catalysts with cheap fittings, easy kills for under 10mil a dessie. Profit) and Hulk pilots are either botters(who can absorb the losses easily) or not really bothered. The impact of Hulkageddon is far lower than in previous years among the carebears in high sec, mostly because it seems they're now so used to being griefed it's an everyday occurrence. So again, nobody's really suffering. But amusingly enough, the payouts and having to buy replacement Hulks brings me nicely onto my final point.

3. The Technetium Cartel - CFC is now in contol the vast majority of tech moons, or working with those who do control them, to pump the price up. We all know by now just how valuable tech is to T2 ship builds and after the panic buying of tech is over and the price slowly stabilising, it's clear that T2 ships and modules have gone up, but nowhere near as much as the base hulls and modules that T2 is based on. Which was brought on by factors outside of The Mittani's control and we're fairly familiar with by now.

So basically... not a lot has actually gone wrong. Unless you're an owner of a freighter or a Hulk. If you're in industry or up for going GCC you're having a good time. And if you build things you're rich.

In summary The Mittani hasn't really fucked anybody's game up, he's just basically reminded us all of what he can to to make the game fun and that we should vote for him for CSM 8 Chairman. Read between the lines, you know this to be true. I for one am actually looking forward to his next attempt to break our beloved game, and I'll be there.

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