[Update] Where have I been?

Greetings one and all, MoD here after an absence of about 6 months, I think? It's certainly been a while. It's been rather hectic in recent months so I'll try and summarise what I've been up to of late. It's mostly RL based so if you're expecting gaming-related news, skip to the end a little, to "Back Into Action".

The Bullshit Known as Life

Firstly, RL. I work as an order picker at Caterpillar, and it can be quite physically draining. And when then I get in from work I'm usually too tired to do much other than make the girlfriend a cup of tea, and maybe get myself from toast. I was suffering from physical drainage, and this was taking a toll on me mentally - my main strength, and the one muscle needed for gaming. And then all of a sudden a new logistical company took over(CEVA, for those interested) the running of the warehouse and this unfortunately coincided with the busiest period of the year for us. I was also being bullied by some idiot agency tosspot who wanted my responsibilities for himself and he kept on and on trying to grass me in for shit I'd been doing for months. What started it? I think it was my subtle change in hours that favoured his lifestyle(and thus, he wanted these hours) along with removing some graffiti he'd placed onto my delivery truck. The responsibility I had was making regular deliveries around the workshops on an electronic tuc-tuc, and instead of 10-6.30 I'd been asked to do 9-5.30. I was more than happy to accept this - I actually thrive on being given responsibility, and for some reason it put this guy's nose out of joint. He didn't see the role I was performing, but instead that for some reason(my brown nosing apparently) my hours were what he wanted, and so chose to make my life a misery.
I attempted to approach one of the bosses about this but he told me I had to put up with it, or he'd sack both me and the idiot. So I put up with it(the economy in the UK is still shockingly shite so there's still no employment anywhere) and my mental defences began to crumble.

Eve Suffers

As a direct result of this, I had to stand down as leader of Ironworks, in Eve Online. I was logging on less and less, not doing much when logged on, and generally running the alliance into the ground through my continued neglect. I had a choice - carry on as I was and continue to let my baby suffer a second time, or hand over to someone else. As luck would have it someone else in the alliance had(and still has) very similar ideals to myself for the direction we should be headed in, so thanking you very much Opner Dresden - the alliance was in safe hands, and I could take a proper, extended break from Eve.

And then it turned out, I had to take a break from work as well. The continued bullying from the asshole was causing me a lot of stress, and not only Eve but now my social life and other gaming outlets were suffering. Combine this with a girlfriend who's going through a rough patch and a mother who demands all the housework be done even though you've got a massively physically demanding job(still living with the mad dragon lady, yep) and I had no way of dealing with the stress.
Usually, my gaming is my way of unwinding. But I had no chance to destress and my desire to play games was going down and down. Not even playing Sonic games helped me out. Not Minecraft, Forza, beer, nothing was helping. My usual calm exterior began to crumble before me.

The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

Something had to give, and it did. The stress triggered a previously-dormant IBS and I spent 2 weeks angrily sitting on a toilet in agony and swearing blind at the idiot who made it happen. I've had to change my entire diet as a result now, causing even more problems until my body accepts the changes and settles down.
At the end of this period I was ready to go back to work, only to be told that actually I wasn't needed any more, that I'd had too much time off work and I was being let go. Ah, the life of an agency worker. And then the following weekend my car got broken into, costing me about £300 to put right(and I'm still paying for it now, 2 months later).

It was the car being broken into that snapped me out of the funk. As my mother, the girlfriend and I were stood around the car, they were both about to burst into tears. You see, my little purple Ford Fiesta isn't just a car, it's a loyal hard-working member of the family. As usually happens with cars. So they're both absolutely devastated about the broken window and the missing stereo, and once again I had to be the fucking rock that kept people steady.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

And that's when it hit me. This was nothing in the grand scheme of things. In fact, much much worse has happened to me. Even including the last few weeks of bullshit, I'd been through far worse and come out with a smile, eventually. So I told them both this, and got my head straight for long enough to come up with a plan. Mum and Mirtai's mother lent me the cash to put it right, and so began MoD putting the building blocks in place to come back up from this small disaster. The car got fixed and a new stereo purchased(one a bit more chav-proof this time and we'll keep the fascia in the house from now on as opposed to the glove box) and I threw myself into getting rid of this stress.

Before long I was enjoying life again. The small hiccup forgotten, and somehow my job given back to me(the right bosses were keen to speak to me about the idiot, who'd now been fired for being a cunt and speak they did - such a massive apology that if possible, I shall frame it and keep it on the front door for ever and ever and ever) and I began repaying my debts to the respective mothers.

And before you knew it, I was contemplating gaming once again.

Back Into Action

First thing was to get back into Eve and help Opner out; I knew from experience that single-handedly running an alliance was a nightmare so rushed to offer him my assistance. So far I'd like to think that's going well and Ironworks is going great places, the foundations now being put in place for the grand plans we have.

Minecraft's been going slow; I joined a couple of servers but they were filled with kids despite the owner's insistence that they operated 18+ servers. How hard can it be to find a decent server without having to fuckin' rent one myself again? Although I don't think many people would complain if I set up MoD's World again.

The Steam sale this Xmas was a great one from my perspective, I went crazy. Finally got F1 2012(I hate it), a Half Life mega pack, a Sonic bundle, and my current favourite game FTL. This will be the subject of an upcoming article at some point soon and yes, it's as good as people say it is.

In fact, I liked it so much I set up a livestream on Twitch and showed off to a few guys. It turns out that FTL is brilliant for audience interaction so I plan on streaming this again at some point! In fact I might well just get back into my Youtube videos, I'm building up a nice catalogue of PC games so can take requests at least.
So shameless plug time, have a look at the FTL livestream here. There's also some Sonic CD at the end of the playlist, someone in the chat requested it so I did a quick 25 minute blast and will finish it off at some point for them. don't forget to like/subscribe if you like, and share with your friends ;)

I do believe that's it for now. Cheers for reading, and I'll try not to leave it so long until my next update.

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